Safety problems in the production process of wood driers should be taken seriously.

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2018/09/26 14:05
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Wood dryer equipment is a kind of large-scale equipment which is operated all over the world. The safety of wood dryer production process should be taken seriously. Production must be safe and safe to produce normally. In the general environment, safety and production conflict (such as personal and rigid), first of all must be subordinated to safety. This experience is exchanged with blood and wealth, and must not be forgotten. In order to ensure safety in production, the wood drying machine must be able to see pyrotechnics.
Wood dryer to see the safety knowledge that pyrotechnics should know
(1) strictly abide by safety control rules and post duty system.
(2) When igniting or drying a kiln, the kiln head of a wood dryer shall be separated from the holder at the time of the initial delivery of pulverized coal, so as to prevent tempering burns due to the intense ignition of pulverized coal.
(3) when starting the wood drier equipment, it is necessary to contact the relevant posts and personnel well before starting.